Yinjiang Town Overall Design, Yinjiang, Ningbo, China

Wins the third place in the International Consulting Competition

Name: Yinjiang Town Overall Design
Location: Yinjiang, Ningbo, China
Date: 2013
Size: 63.9 KM2
Program: Town overall spatial development, Land use town planning, transportation town planning, spatial form design for three typical villages as examples, including eco-village, Yinjiang central town, and north industrial park


Yinjiang is a place with a long and rich history set within a beautiful natural landscape. It has been for centuries the link and gatekeeper between the natural environment and Ningbo. Its identity has forever been defined by its lush green landscapes, mountains and rivers, and it abundant agriculture. What is to become of Yinjiang in the future? What is its future identity? What role will it play in the urbanization of the region? What will be its new history?

Our goal for the Yinjiang Town urban design proposal is to cultivate a new identity and a sustainable future for positive development and economic growth. This new identity is rooted in the existing Yinjiang Town. We are proposing to respect and celebrate its history by promoting its culture and natural resources and strengthen its existing agricultural and industrial base. Yinjiang Town will become a celebrated tourist destination as well as a desired home for its new future generations. By strategically incorporating the principles of New Chinese Urbanism it can become a model for future development in China.



Project Team: Jeffrey Johnson and Jill Leckner (principals); Matthew Voss, Yuan Ge, Li Yang, Min Chen, Louise Juelsgaard, Shiyao Yu