Lin Gao Residential Resort Master Plan, Hainan, China

Name: Lin Gao Residential Resort Master Plan
Location: Hainan, China
Date: 2009-2010
Size: 350,000 M2
Program: Master plan for a 3,300 unit waterfront resort with public amenities and recreation


No longer is the consumption of goods and services enough to provide leisure.  The sophisticated traveler/consumer wants interesting experiences and meaning in their leisure time.  Things like education, culture, and personal betterment (in an existential manner) are the new commodity in destination creation.

Likewise, investments are becoming more personal.  People want to care about what they invest in, and have a personal interest in it.  There are so many opportunities to invest in, especially in China.  Return on investment based on traditional indicators might narrow the choices some, but in the end, all else equal, more and more people want to invest in something that they are interested in, personally invested in, and believe in.  Building a new development on a beach property will give you return on investment financially, what we can provide as designers is an additional return that taps into the idea that experience and meaning equal added value.

A ‘sustainable,’ well-located, good looking building with amenities is standard these days, Hainan has seen that it is no exception.  Meaningful, interesting, different experiences are not.  Some things you can’t put a price on, but are worth more than the spa or swimming pool or 2-bedroom condo on the beach. 


The leisure activities found on Hainan currently are what you would expect anywhere with its tropical setting.  They are all based on the consumption of goods and services, and the notion that merely being on the beach equals leisure.  Wellness, sporting activities, food/drinks, shopping—they rely on only a certain good or service to be offered.  The new idea of leisure requires more input but delivers more output.  The extra input is personal input, that is, engagement and participation in something meaningful for each person specifically.  Things like education, culture, personal enrichment: you will gain nothing if you only go through the motions, but gain much more than a spa treatment if personally invested. 

->we present leisure as it is currently in Hainan: meaningless consumption
->we show examples of meaningful leisure


->we present destinations around the world that offer more than just a tennis court and a daquiri, and why this is better/interesting in the context of meaningful leisure

Our Priorities: Nature, Destination, Nonstop:

Nature: not just nature, you can get nature anywhere, but we’re creating a new relationship with nature

Destination: not just traditional leisure and amenities, but a new and broader return on investment: money, goods/services, and meaning

Nonstop: not just added program for mixed-use, but strategic injection of meaningful, interesting programs, requiring the presence of visitors for a certain kind of experience



Project Team: Jeffrey Johnson and Jill Leckner (principals); Matthew Voss, Aimee Duquette, Egbert Chu, Kirstin Mueller, Anne Hoejbo, Caroline Chin, Mathias Ørntoft