Busan Opera House, Busan, South Korea 

Name: Busan Opera House
Location: Busan, South Korea
Date: 2011
Size: 51,214 M2
Program: Opera house complex with 2000-seat opera house and 500-seat multi-purpose theater, roof amphitheater, restaurants, cafes, administration and back of house


The Busan Opera House bridges the new linear urban park and the city with the harbor. The sculptural form of the opera sits delicately on this landscape freeing up the ground plain to maximize open park area and to create a new civic space at the harbor’s edge.  The visitors’ movement through the site is directed between the opera forms by paths and public spaces formed by the spatial distribution of unique “islands” of gardens, arbors, ponds and greens. Paths are indirect maximizing the visitors’ engagement with the landscape and creating multiple vanishing points and diverse spatial layering/framing.



Project Team: Jeffrey Johnson and Jill Leckner (principals); Aimee Duquette, Matthew Voss, Eirik Østbye, Anette Jensen, Nicole Allen, Caroline Chin